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    Geez, I log off for like an hour and people post half a page worth of stuff! LOL

    I like both of your zanpakutos. XD Though I only skimmed Zameric's description since it's long, and I'm multitasking. (Doing homework at the same time!) BTW I don't wanna run into your zanpakuto's spirit in a dark alley. I'm scared of people like Tessai. XD XD XD

    Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I added some info about my bankai to my first post. Check it out!

    Oh, and should I start working on a squad 10 post?

    Sosuke, you're evil for liking Aizen *ahem* you should really make a shikai/bankai soon. LOL Not to rush you, but I've given you a chance to be 5th squad captain, so don't let someone else take that spot!! LOL If you can't think of anything, just rip off Kyoka Suigetsu. XD

    As for Yachiru's release, I'm not sure if it will be super powerful and awesome, or just pink candies falling from the sky. (The second idea wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but I think you kinda get my drift...) My friend, who is really bad at remembering names, just calls her "pink girl". LOL