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    Hm... Lemme give this a try =P

    Name: Terrance
    Species: Exeggcute

    Appearance: Being quite decidedly an exeggcute, Terrence's appearance matches that of their species. They are bright pink, egg shaped seedlings with not much else detail. Terrance alwasys sticks together, and they can always find their way back to eachother when separated. As such, he is almost always seen as having six seeds, two of which are badly cracked from general wear and tear. After all, Terence is very fragile. Terrance's center seed is a bit larger than the other five, but besides that is only different in that it has a bit less cracks on it than the outer ones.

    Personality: Terrance is a very zen pokemon. He rarely squabbles with himself, and even then it is never out loud, as he communicates with himself using telapathy. Although he can only firmly make himself get along, Terrance has the habit of trying to make everyone get along. They also use the term "we" rather than "I", which at first might confuse some pokemon. When Terrance talks, it's usually the center seed speaking, as they all first telepathically decide what to say. This method is efficient, but makes it so Terrance might have some lag time before commenting on a situation in which he takes a while to agree on what to say amongst himself. Since Terrance prefers it if everyone gets along, they try their best to be the "conflict resolver" in a group and are quite peaceful. However, if someone is a repeat offender, Terrance will rarely even converse with them, and views them as unneccessary to life in general. This sort of attitude can make him seem like a very calculating type of pokemon, which is quite correct. Terrance always examines a situation before acting, which he is good at because of the multiple outlooks he always gets on a situation. This can also be a flaw, however, as he isn't very good at making speedy decisions. They respect and like most people, although it's hard to tell whether this is sincere or not since they could just be doing it to get along and avoid arguments.

    Background and History: Terrance grew up on the beach, with the sounds of the waves to sooth him whenever life was tough. Not that it really was, though. They grew up with about a hundred other exeggcute and around twenty exeggutor "guardians". There were no established seperate families, and they all lived in harmony to the tune of the ocean. Terrance was taught to avoid conflict and seek to bring all life into harmony since as long as they could remember. The good of the many was put before that of the individual in his colony, and no one was allowed to feed themselves. Instead, every exeggcute and exeggutor would be fed by one of their brothers or sisters. Terrance enjoyed their youth, and loved being with the sound of the ocean. However, about a month before the "corruption catastrophy", all the exeggutors gathered togteher, as their psychic powers allowed them to sense some sort of upcoming shattering of the balance of things. They were able to single out Terrance as the only exeggcute who had something that would make him a bringer of balance in the situation. Although Terrance had no idea what would make them, out of all the other exeggcutes, the ones to be chosen, they believed in their guardians' choice. Terrance had trouble leaving the beach, his home, behind, but did as he was told to prevent conflict. They arrived in the city a weak and inexperience exeggcute, with no idea what it was they would be able to put a stop to. It was awkward for Terrance being away from their family, and he was just about to return to the beach when he heard word of the strange happenings around the purple forest. With a great feeling of unease, Terrance still managed to make his way towards the woods. After several days of traveling, they reached their destination. This was what they were chosen to solve... right?

    Other: Terrance has the item Light Clay, from his home by the beach. Its way of being able to be manipulated yet still remaining as one fascinated him.
    ...Also, it's gunna be hella fun rp-ing as a psychic type who's multiple pokemon xD

    EDIT: Wow, I just read through all the other characters in this rp, and it looks like so far this group is gunna be just peachy with eachother, but where's the fun in that? I made Terrance thinking this was like other rps were the people/pokes don't fit together well xD
    ...Because of this, I might actually make a second character to stir things up and make the group have a bit more dynamics...
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