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    She has large bunky legs, and her nose is a little more pale then the others. She has two slit like eyes, and one of them recently bruised. She has stubby arms, and her body is mostly a small lump.

    She is very outgoing, she wont stop until she turns a stranger into her best friend. She finds the good in others, and smiles often. A little stubborn at times, when she gets angry her fire has out-bursts for a few hours.

    Background and History:
    She has watched many of her friends be almost completely corrupted. She lived in forests deep beyond the ruins of the humans, and she doesnt often explore out of their boundaries. Her parents are far away with many of the other pure pokemon to take care of the half corrupted. So they could be cured before completely corrupt-

    RP sample:
    Dean: "Good, good come in," *he lets you in and closes the door* "now, sit down. I noticed your intrests in the sciense of hybrids. I wanted to show you something I often played with as a boy. Dont get me wrong- its no toy."

    The dean reveals a box that was draped in a green cloth.
    He opens it and you see a small robotic toy.

    Dean: *presses the button on its head* "insert a command of what different creatures you want it to be. It turns into them!" *inserts "dragon"*

    The robot turns into a red metalic dragon and its mouth opens feebily and a slightly robotic type fire pours out.

    Dean: "I love it, amazing?" *smiles* "I want you to have it. Now, I need Henry- I have something for him as well."

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