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    RP sample:

    "Return the prototype snag machine at one!" screamed the enraged Cipher Admin. "You don't know what you're dealing with!"
    "Why? So you can steal people's Pokemon and use them for your own criminal purposes. I would rather die than see you turn Pokemon into mindless fighting machines."
    Kaiden stood atop the enormous Silph Co. building cornered by the Cipher Agent. He had no way to go but down, and was not ready to throw his life away just yet.

    "So be it kid, I Choose you! Electabuzz... Use Shadow blitz now!"

    "I can't let this be the end. Flygon, I hope you can hear me because I need your help."
    As the shadow Pokemon drew closer to him, Kaiden prayed to himself that his old friend would swoop by anytime.

    Sure enough the electubuzz was stopped in its tracks by a blast of sand. "Flygon! I knew you would come!" Kaiden hopped onto the Flygon. "Now, use dragon Claw!"

    Flygon swooped down and struck a direct hit. "Now's our chance." kaiden powerd up the Snag Machine. "Go snag ball!"

    In one swift motion the ball absorbed Electubuzz in a flash of red light while Flygon dashed by so Kaiden could grab the ball. Electubuzz was caught.

    "Get back here kid....Darn, HQ isn't gonna like this." The Cipher agent took out a phone and dialed one number. "Yes, this is Flourence.......He has the Snag machine......yes sir...It's timeto excecute Plan B."
    "The bag is not for what I bring, it's for what I find along the way"

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