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    Alright, here be the signup for character numero uno I mean dos gawd I don't take Spanish kay aaaaaarg...

    Name: "Axis" (not real name, but what he calls himself and introduces himself as)
    Species: Murkrow

    Appearance: Axis looks much like the others of his species. He's a pitch black avian with an extremely hooked, dullish off yellow beak. His tallons are the same color, except their tips are red. Also being red, is the band midway around his tail, which fans out in tufts past it. Over his head is a rimmed prong of three groups of feathers, resembling an old, worn down hat. Axis' eyes have deep, blood red pupils that are constantly shifting around in suspicion. That, or looking for the next thing to steal, as it's hard to tell Axis' true emotions.

    Personality: Like most murkrows, Axis is a slight cleptomaniac. He loves to steal, and even more he loves to boast about it. This desire to let other pokemon know that he's a theif can have some bad after effects for Axis, but he loves the infamacy. He even brags about how in the far corners of the world he is a wanted master criminal, with many powerful enemies and even more powerful connections. However, Axis does has the habit of putting a spin on things, so whether or not this is true is up to debate. Often, Axis will boast about previous accomplishments, although most pokemon would deem these "accomplishments" as felonies. Axis just loves to talk about how great he is, and as such can come off self centered. However, it is hard to call someone self centered when they so quickly point out the falts in others and focus so much attention on how they aren't as good as him. However, Axis, for the most part, isn't much in a fight. He relies on intimidation (threats are a favorite of his) and his incredible luck to get past foes. This murkrow is willing to fight dirty, and then accuse the foe of this while acting like a noble fighter. Axis is also easily offended, and even the slightest things, whether intentional or not, can make him go into a rage. However, he is more subtle in his reactions, and prefers to sabatouge someone than to openly fight. Despite this, Axis has one redeeming quality, in that once someone earns his respect he "rarely" will work against them. However, rarely is a subjectional term, and to earn the respect of Axis one would have to do some pretty shady things. Still, all Axis really wants is to make a name for himself, although if only for the infamousy.

    Background and History: No one knows where Axis came form, or when exactly he arrived in this part of the world. All they know is that he's been nothing but trouble, and spends most of his time telling other pokemon how he's on the run from several powerful pokemon he's wronged. However, it can be gathered that Axis did in fact come from a foreign land, as he has a slight accent. If one were to point this out, though, the murkrow would probably take offense. He has no connections to anyone, and little is known from his past except what he says. As such, even his real name is a mystery, and he's only know as Axis. Axis wants nothing to do with the shadowy changing of pokemon, although if anyone calls these pokemon "dark" he does become extremely offended. After all, he is a dark type. At the time, Axis is wandering through the purple woods. Lost travelers are always the best prey.

    Other: Axis loves to steal, and loves shiny things, so his hold item is a Brightpowder that he has had ever since he arrived wherever this takes place. He is in fact foreign, but I don't think I'll be writing his dialogue with an accent unless I randomly actually decide which one he should have. Even then, it'd probably be pretty subtle. Also, his ability is super luck, so although I don't want a Gary Stu here, I will have a few things go against the odds in his favor, as well as misses on the opponents end due to brightpowder. Not that much, though xD, history is sort of lacking, but that's excusable since it's part of his character...
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