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    I'm new to this, and I'm making an attempt to bend the rules a bit, so please, please don't murder me. If I'm utterly wasting my time, tell me, so I can pull out my other character concept. (Which also might not be accepted but for differing reasons.)

    Well, here goes nothing.

    Name: Aegis
    Species: Shedinja (No, really, I said please don't kill me! I swear he'll get OHKO'd regularly!)
    Appearance: Aegis is the empty, dried-out shell of a former Nincada. His hollow carapace is brown and gray, and rather a bit more cracked and worn than others of his species. He has a gaping hole in his back. (Which doesn't actually steal people's souls, despite popular rumor.) A glowing halo in the shape of a crescent moon hangs above his head, and he himself floats effortlessly through the air, his body generally remaining stock still. He wears a tattered green scarf around his neck.
    Personality: He is rather lonely and cautious, despite his nigh-invulnerability to many things. In fact, he's rather paranoid about anything that he is aware can actually hurt him. Especially birds. Like any other Shedinja, he has a very strong protective instinct, directed mostly towards the Ninjask he is associated with, and is very determined, especially where this instinct is concerned. He spends a long time deep in thought, but is nonetheless fairly sociable, on the whole.
    Background and History: Naturally, Aegis does not remember anything before he came into being, during the evolution of a young Nincada named Aiolos, whose shed carapace rose from the ground after his transformation. Due in part to Aegis's strong need to protect him, Aiolos and Aegis became fast friends. Aiolos was a natural adventurer, and often would run off on adventures and thrust himself into danger, so Aegis was never far behind him, enjoying the endeavors more than he liked to admit. They spent a few years exploring anything that appeared to Aiolos to need exploring, and picked up many souvenirs that Aiolos felt needed picking up, including a bright green scarf he wrapped 'round his good friends neck.
    However, one day, they were exploring the depths of a cave that meandered through a mountain. As Aiolos rushed about the cave, Aegis followed, lagging slightly behind. Suddenly a section of the cave collapsed, between the pair of insects. Aegis, fearing the falling, pointed rocks, rushed toward the end of the cave they had entered, but Aiolos zoomed forward, over-eager to explore the remainder of the cave. Panicking, it took Aegis several minutes to realize that the cave, which they had checked out once before, had another entrance. By the time he managed to get to the other end of the cave, on the other end of the mountain, and thoroughly check every nook and cranny of the cave, Aiolos was long gone.
    Aegis has spent several months now searching for Aiolos, the protector feeling incomplete without the protectee. Noticing the dark scars in the sky, and the corruption of his fellow Pokemon, Aegis has decided to investigate and get to the bottom of it; he knows Aiolos could never resist such a great adventure, and wherever the mystery is is where his friend must be. Purple woods is as good a place as any to start.
    Other: Aegis's hold item is, obviously, a Green Scarf. (I thought using a non-combat item might make up sorta-maybe-partially for his Wonder Guard.)

    On another note, which is unimportant unless this is accepted which I realize it probably won't be: Is the weird shadowy Pokemon's weird shadowyness, and assumed weird shadowy energy attacks, Ghost-type, Dark-type, or untyped-weird-shadowy-type, and if the latter, does it still punch through Wonder Guard like tissue paper because plot? (Which is completely fine, just would like to know. If this gets accepted. Which it won't be.)
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