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Originally Posted by Samme! View Post
Well seeing as they brought it back in Gen. IV, I really hope that they will include the night and day feature once again. This really brought the games to life for me and made everything so more realistic. Also, I wouldn't mind at all if the Dive feature from R/S/E was brought back, like others have said. It isn't necessary, but I think it just adds that extra thing to do and enables you to capture more Pokemon and explore some more too n_n And definitely the return of Gym Leader rematches as well. Also wouldn't mind seeing Contests spread out around the region like they were in R/S/E. ^^;
Originally Posted by Thorns View Post
All I would like currently is the V.S Seeker, Come on, I'm not gonna wait for a phone call on a specific day and time if I want a rematch with someone.
Yes, please. n_n VS. Seeker is probably one of the top features I'm hoping to make a return. The Phone Call in HG/SS was alright, considering it was an older feature back in the originals. I also liked how they upgraded it for rematches, but to have to schedule them all the time was kind of a waste. I rather gain enough steps, walk over to a spot where a couple trainers are positioned and try my luck at a rematch. It helped a lot more in training, and if it was only done in HG/SS like DPPt, I'm sure people would have found leveling less difficult.

If Contests make a return, then I too would prefer it to have various contest buildings amongst the region. It's kind of boring to have just one set building in the whole region for Pokémon Contests. With this though, I wouldn't mind the inclusion of the Pokéathlon; that's pretty fun.

As for Dive, well I'm on the fence about it. I don't think I would mind it coming back, but at the same time I wouldn't mind if it didn't.
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