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    Name: Burbank
    Species: Cacnea
    Appearance: Burbank, like most cacnea, is green in color, except a little brownish. His "crown", however, rather than a gold-like color, is more silvery. The spikes on his head are very greenish, but on his "arms" they are more silvery, like his crown. His feet are red, possibly from walking hard.
    Personality: At heart, not bad, but ever since he's left the desert, he doesn't trust very many other Pokemon. Don't get him angry.
    History: The night giratina tore a hole in the sky, Burbank was born. This caused him to have a strange crown and thorn coloration. After four years, his parents left him to search the mist, and never returned. From there, he visited an old friend of his mother's and had began training. He then left after his death. Wandering for miles, he stumbled upon a human settlement (Lavaridge Town), and made his home near hot springs, as a quick source of hydration. Being in control of a source of water, he is usually attacked, and will often defeat anyone who crosses his path.
    Other: At night, his crown will turn a blood red, at that point, he may use his hidden power attack

    RP Sample:
    An ekans walks toward him. "What do you want?" Burbank says. "What does it look like? I need water! Move ouut of the way before I am forced to attack you!" the ekans retaliated. "If you want my water so badly, why don't you fight me for it?" Burbank jumps upwards and uses a poison sting attack, doing little damage to the ekans. The ekans pulled back a little, and then lunged towards Burbank, but missing the attack. Burbank then dashes close to the ekans, and uses a needle arm attack. He then uses dynamic punch, fainting the ekans. Before it regains consciousness, he knocks it out (the following may be distrubing)
    and drags it towards the warmest water in the springs, tied to a string, boiling it. He takes it from the springs, and skins the carcass, then splits it in half, and devours one half.
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