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    I love, love, love this episode.
    So many LOL Moments in this episode.
    Gibble eating Barrys bike muhahaha!!!
    Poor Ash he passed out after being hit by Barry's bike, he didn't seem to care sadly.
    I love Ash and Barry's interactions there just so LOL.
    While Ash and Pauls rivalry is more intense Ash and Barry's is more funny.
    I can't wait for Ash and Barry to meet up in the league.
    I've seen Ash jump high places before, but my God. Its like he has some sort of supper power or some thing. No way, normal human could make that big of a jump.
    Another thing I loved was Gibbile eating Team Rockets machine and blasting them off before meeting Ash and co. LOL.
    Pipulp getting abuse, best Pipulp moments ever!

    5/5 from me.
    Ash fan girl. Multi Ash shipper.
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