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Well, actually, the only time that I have ever really been that utterly happy with Pokemon was the G/S/C days. I was really, really let down with R/S/E and I was all right with P/D/P. I absolutely couldn't WAIT until HG/SS, I was even counting down the days in my head until it came out (I litterally woke up every morning saying, "30 days left!" =D) but it actually let me down due to the lack of things I thought it was going to have and how hard it was to actually train there in Johto. So I was a little let down.
So if B/W are a let down, I'm not really going to feel that much different from the others. I might lose more interest in Pokemon, but it's going to take me a while to turn my back completely on Pokemon. After what I saw what kind of job they could do with G/S/C I don't think I'll ever miss out. lol. The second I decide to drop out of the games forever they'll make the most amazing Pokemon game ever. lol.
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