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    Ill be getting my new SU in very soon.
    I have looked over the rules, and my RP sample will be in the correct format now .
    Thank you for warning me last time.

    Poliwag (I have new ideas :p)
    Her silk like eyes have the resemblance of bubbles, unlike most of the poliwag. Her tail is shaped crookedly- somewhat taking the appearance of a pikachu’s. Her body is most like a big tomato as the rest of the poliwags- and a slightly shown smile.
    She is always trying not to feel sorry for others, but it is impossible for her. She is very outgoing, and try’s to be a problem solver in every single way possible. She is usually trying to peruse the others to help, come look, or follow me. Or whatever it takes to get a little bit of attention, though when she is worried she cannot help but want to help as soon as possible. She’s very hyper and wont stop until she’s tuckered herself out head to toe.
    Background and History:
    She lived in a small pool in water near the ruins of the distant pokemon center. The water was inhabited with many shady creatures. Her parents had once set off to help a bunch of the corrupted, and haven’t returned since. She encountered many beings that seamed to be trying to tell her something, but before she knew it, she was crying and pleading for them to live. She has had so many experiences; it is hard for her not to worry. She met a few other poliwags whose parents had not returned as well, and she is trying as hard as she can to protect them. Even if it costs her life.
    She is holding a miracle seed; it appears not to have any special qualities to help her. However, she prays on it every day hoping something magical will happen.
    RP sample:
    “I can handle it from here,” she said vaguely, draping her long cloak along her back. She knew she could not Handel it, for this was more then anything she had ever “handled” before. However, she couldn’t let her little brother take him on. It would be too dangerous, he was only seven. He didn’t know anything of his true power now.
    “No! I want to help,” the young charmander yipped, pulling on her cloak. He jumped and gave her those sad eyes he always used to get what he wanted.
    “Leave me alone Fallon! I must go alone,” and with that the charizard vanished with a dance of flames.
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