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    This sounds extremely interesting. There aren't many RPs that have the RPers as pokemon. I'm excited! Sorry my BG/History is so long (hence the spoiler tag), but I get really carried away with them. XD

    Hope I'm accepted! Please tell me if there's anything you'd like changed or added. :3



    She has the typical squat, tan body associated with cubone. Around the left horn of her skull, she wears a red checkered bandanna that her brother, Brennan, found, owned, and left to her before leaving to fight. On the right side of her skull is carved the image of a small, simple crown, signifying her brother, and if one were to find her brother, or at least his skull, he would have a matching carving on his left side, depicting a heart with one wing, signifying Deirdre. The left eyehole of Deirdre’s skull has a short jagged chip and scar from where her mother was attacked by the mightyena. Around her neck is a band of various items she’s found throughout her explorations with her brother, threaded together with twine and string, including a toy soldier, a plastic flower, a few colorful beads, a diamond ring, and a gold watch face (broken of course)—along with a dozen or so other things. The flower is large and pink with a yellow center, and always sits in the middle of her chest.

    Deirdre used to be very kind, and she still is at rare times, but since the death of her parents, and most especially since the disappearance of her brother, she has become very cynical about the world around her, finding sarcasm a good wall between herself and any need for emotional interaction between others. That said, she is a horrible tsundere, falling in love easily with the first person to be nice to her (which doesn’t happen often thanks to her attitude) and being meanest to them in the end. The loss of her brother left a horrid gaping hole in Deirdre’s heart, and it is most likely because of this that Deirdre loves children in an almost stunningly passionate way. If a baby pokemon is in sight, she will immediately break down and go over to them, singing happy songs that bounce around the inside of her skull, mixing the noises into harmonies and lulling the child into a happy, calm state. She is also a connoisseur of random, human knick knacks, something that started when she and Brennan first ventured out to explore the woods. Most of the stuff left behind now is small, non-biodegradable stuff, such as rings and plastics, but Deirdre will store these items if and when she finds them, and will typically never let them go until something of equal or greater value comes into her sight.

    and History:

    Deirdre was hatched along with her brother, Brennan, to a kind female marowak named Cwen, and her mate—a quiet, serious looking marowak named Asa. The family of four lived quite happily in the deep woods, and everyday Brennan and Deirdre went out into the woods and explored the dilapidated buildings scattered throughout. There, they found lots of little items of interest, though never all at once. Sometimes they would have to search hard, looking under old, rotting chairs, couches, and sinks to find the shiny, colorful objects that truly drew their attention. They were each other’s best friends, as there weren’t many other pokemon around that were in the habit of leaving the trees high up above. The duo was still quite young when their mother told them that they weren’t meant to live in the forests. That something had happened, and that she and Asa had decided it would be best to move down from the mountains to hatch their eggs in the safety of the forests. This confused Brennan and Deirdre, but they didn’t question the logic of their wise parents, and anyways, they enjoyed the beauty and security of the forest, along with the houses, and weren’t about to argue about moving.

    It wasn’t long, a about a year or so, before they had searched all the buildings in the surrounding area. It was around this time that the two started thinking about convincing their parents that maybe moving back into the mountains wouldn’t be such a bad idea—perhaps there would be new houses and items there. Sadly, they never got the chance. Unbeknownst to Brennan and Deirdre, their parents were not the only ones who’d become uneasy and decided that moving might be a good idea. When the scars in the sky became more frequent, other pokemon began getting nervous like Asa and Cwen, and started moving to newer locations, including the woods. These pokemon arrived scared and unsure of the area they were starting their new lives in, and it was a nervous, angry mother mightyena who killed Asa and Cwen, along with the help of her mate, after Asa had hit a young poochyena in self defense. By the time Deirdre and Brennan had arrived, their parents were dead. The siblings took the new skulls, sobbing, and placed them atop their heads.

    After that, the duo thought that perhaps moving to the mountains would be safer than sticking around and waiting to get chomped to death by the beasts flowing into the forest. When they exited the woods, they were astounded to look up at the sky—something that had been for the most part hidden behind the foliage of the trees up until then. The scars fascinated them; even young ones who’d never properly viewed the sky before could tell the rips were sinister. Deirdre shivered, still crying for her dead parents, and the sound sent a hollow echo of noise up into the sky.

    The mountain they ultimately decided their parents had ventured down from was actually quite close, as their parents evidently hadn’t wanted to travel far with two eggs. They struggled to the top, stopping only to sob and comfort each other now and then. It was two whole days of traveling without food (and only a small bit of water that they’d managed to find) before they passed out. Quite luckily, it was right in front of the den of a family of cleffable. The mother dragged them in, force feeding the two and fussing over them as the three children—one clefairy and two cleffa—stood watching. When the father returned (a large, jolly cleffable named Bidzill) he listened to their story and after half a moment’s consideration, welcomed the two into his house as family.

    While they considered themselves truly welcomed, Deirdre and Brannan kept their distance from the family at first. They completed any chores Ady (the mother) requested of them, but for the most part, they spent their days sparring and training, hoping to avoid ever having happen to them what took the lives of their dear parents. After about two months of straight training, it seemed that of the two, Brannan was definitely the better of them in battle. Nevertheless, Deirdre was quite skilled as well, and worked hard to keep up with her brother. During the time, the two also tried their hardest to stay strong and positive—Brannan especially. He told Deirdre jokes to cheer her up, and did his best to do nice things for her and remind her of how happy their parents would be to see them alive and well and thriving on the mountainside. Deirdre was sensitive though, and while Brannan was better at hiding his emotions and focusing on training, she would oftentimes find herself angry and sad about her parents leaving them.

    After these two months, the two began to come out of their shells—there was only so much training a young pokemon could do before the tears were fought out. Brannan found comfort in talking to Bidzill about the mountains, and about different moves that could be used in battle. Deirdre found comfort in talking to and helping Ady around the house, and playing with the children—the clefairy, Sener, and the two cleffa, Kaegen and Kaida. She would oftentimes show them parts of her necklace, telling the children the tales of how they were discovered and captured by Brennan and herself in the forest that had been their home. They became very fond of her, and loved her like their own sister.

    But all was not well, and when Giratina created the tear that manifested the dark tower, the news spread quickly that an army was being erected to battle evil forces. Bidzill, not one to sit and let disaster come to him and his family, listened carefully before deciding that it was his time to help preserve good. Brannan insisted on coming as well, and while Bidzill didn’t argue, Deirdre fought with him tooth and nail about it. Before he left, Brannan gave his sister his prized possession—a bandanna they’d found while exploring the houses of the forests, which had been preserved for many many years within a plastic container of some sort. It was one of the few pieces of fabric the two had ever seen, and while faded, it was still something amazing to them. When he handed it to her, Deirdre broke down sobbing, and they stood hugging for a long time before he left, determined to keep his sister and his new family safe.

    Deirdre hasn’t seen Brennan since that time. It feels a part of her has been ripped away, and everyone around her has noticed a change in her attitude. She is more moody, spends more time alone, and can often be heard crying out on the hills she and Brennan trained on. Most often she can be found either training passionately, crying alone somewhere on the mountains, or with Sener, Kaegan, and Kaida, whom she can’t stand to be mean to even in her worst of moods.

    At one point, Deirdre managed to find a small, purple, nylon, child’s backpack, in which she carries anything she might need or find.

    RP Sample:
    Note: This was also my RP sample for The Elemental Stones, started by seal. If you’d prefer a battle RP sample, I can provide one I used for another SU, or make a new one if you’d rather.

    In this sample, Kelani is a girl who lives in a kingdom that inhabits the sky and clouds (i.e. “Flying types”). The pokemon she is riding is a doduo, named Ionas and Colm.

    -- Kelani screamed in pure ecstasy as the clouds flew past them. Letting go, she gripped tightly with her legs to the round, auburn body beneath her, hands coming up above her, and the feathers atop her head tickling her arms. The twin heads beneath her began to twist themselves downward, arching the body down in a chunky line towards the ground, which was now flying up at them at a breakneck speed.

    “Duo!” she heard Ionas scream, but she wasn’t ready to stop.

    “A little longer guys,” Kelani called into the sky, watching everything above her whip around behind her blond hair. The sun shone off her curls in varying rays, filtering through her goggles as sparkling lines of light.

    The ground was nearing. She could feel it. For every inch, every centimeter she was separated from her designated place in the sky, she could feel her heart becoming heavier with the weight of the earth that surrounded her. It was close now—she felt the air being forced from her lungs.

    A final glance up at the sky above, a final waving of her arms in the current that pulsed up from beneath her, and she gave the gentle squeezed with her bare feet that signaled flight to begin. There was a lurch, and the body beneath her evened out quickly, the front end jerking upward in an attempt to form the body into a rather lumpy line, parallel to the oncoming earth.

    They evened out, and Kelani brought her arms down to grip the brown feathers. There was a whistling, and a strained cry as the doduo struggled to fly. These were the most terrifying moments of the freefall—the attempt to right one’s self. Kelani still couldn’t breathe, and she willed the pokemon beneath her to angle upward, beaks towards the sky. Their eyes clenched shut, the white feathers flipping wildly—almost violently—around their faces, and the clicking of Ionis’ jewels knocking together in the wind was all Kelani could hear for a long hollow moment.

    Kelani gave one final push with her heart, and she felt them breaking free from the earth. They were tilted now, and Kelani had to lean forward to stay atop her steed. They screamed out in triumph.

    “DOOOOOOO!” Colm boomed.

    “DUOOOOOOO!” Ionas screeched.

    Kelani just laughed loudly, letting the sensation of the sun and wind against her face drag her slowly back to the reality of the world. Her hair whipped around her, and she reached one hand up to readjust her headband above her goggles. She grinned wide, leaning in to hug her friend close to her for a long moment.

    “Alright guys,” she called out, knowing they would hear her no matter where she directed her voice, “let’s head for mother and father’s home. They wanted us there by noon.”

    They shot upwards, even higher, towards her home near the shrine of the legendary birds that served as their Kingdom’s capital. The weather was beautiful today—perfect for flying. Kelani was sure the mythical birds had heard her prayers and were blessing her with the warmth and strength of the day that had been laid out before her. It was, after all, her birthday, and she had wanted nothing more than the blessings of the gods she loved so dearly.

    They reached a good height, and angled downward now, aiming for a small house hidden within the clouds, a mile or so west from the Great Temple. The closer they came to the capital, the stronger Kelani could feel herself becoming. She breathed in deep, and as the home came into view, she willed the clouds to form beneath them, mumbling a silent prayer to the gods of the sky. Ionas and Colm chirped softly as they glided down onto the soft “ground” and slowed to a stop.

    They stood for a moment before Kelani slid down, stretching her legs as she lowered the goggles from her eyes. She smiled, and her younger sister darted out of the house, now golden from the rays of the morning sun, to tug Kelani by the arm. Kelani obliged, allowing the young girl to drag her into the house, where the party was already underway. Ionas and Colm followed happily, excited by the prospect of food and presents inside.

    EDIT: Oh no! *just realized that about 4 SUs have been posted since the ONE SPOT LEFT was announced, and hers is the 4th*

    Are you going to choose by who posted first? Or which one you like best? (please say the latter-- at least then i have a chance).

    Either way, I still think it was a great idea. TTwTT

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