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Originally Posted by Koopaking View Post
okay, this is driving me CRAZY. i want to add more signs to my towns. I can do that, the problem is how to get them into advanced text so i can write what they say. can anybody help?
Use Advance Map.
It's the easiest way to do it. Seriously.

From there you can add new events including signposts and simply edit or make new scripts with a script editor like PKSV.

A script for a signpost in PKSV would look something like this (if I were to do it):
#org 0x8749000
msgbox 0x874900B ' TRAINER HOUSE\nThe C...
callstd MSG_SIGN ' Signpost-style message

#org 0x874900B
= TRAINER HOUSE\nThe Club for Top Trainer Battles

I hope that helps a little.