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Originally Posted by rockman0 View Post

I kind of figured that was what I was supposed to do. But I can't find any "warp codes." I did find a "walk through walls" code though. Guess I'll have to use that. Any ideas where a warp code can be found?
Just do this:
1. Make a warp to the map you want.
2. attach it to the map on a warp-enabled tile
3. do the same on the other map
4. play the game and use the warp to test the new area you have.

I had the same issue, because I had a cave that was between a few locations, so I did just so.
Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I'm running Sappy 2005 and when I try to assemble my .s file, I get this:

Run Time Error '53':
File not found

| OK |


Sappy 2005 has quit working...
Windows is looking for a solution...

What can I do?
Bumping. I cannot insert if I can't assemble! Please help me!
Originally Posted by Swampert_66 View Post
Are there any programs that hack the sounds (like battle themes, etc.)?
I have a tutorial here that has a program to make the music, and has a few links to some other useful programs and tutorials. It should prove rather useful.