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    Originally Posted by pokemongarnet View Post
    Is this going to mainly be digifakes or more real digimon?
    Well no, we have every single digimon that has appeared in the games in, the game I believe FMP said it in the first post if not, he mentioned it later on in the thread. We are adding Digi-fakes were making it so that there are not too many but there just enough to make everyone satisfied.

    Originally Posted by Omn View Post
    If you guys ever need help with ideas on the game and some info on digimon you could possibly talk to me on if you want and this games seems really cool and are you gonna add the x-antibody
    We have been thinking about it and we might add X-antibody Digimon, only time will tell

    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    Whens this game coming out? ive been waiting for a year now!?
    Please refrain from asking that, we had to take a break from the game because of school and we just recently had the time to work on it again. So please be patient. :\
    *Coming soon*