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    Here are a couple of stories, free to anyone that wants to make the games

    1. Pokemon Fight Club

    Do you Know Tyler Durden?
    You are having problems sleeping. In the very beginning (into) you go see this Professor who suggests that you go to his self-help group. There you determine what your spirit animal (pokemon) is. At the support group you meet up with a girl rival. She has the spirit animal that is weak to yours. You begin to have more problems not sleeping. So you leave the group. Outside, you meet your rival, TYLER DURDEN. He has a spirit animal that is strong against your type.
    You hang out with Tyler, pitting your spirit animals against each other. You both start a Pokemon fighting ring in the basement of a building. Then all hell breaks loose. You find out that Tyler is organizing attacks against SILPH. It is up to you to stop him. Tyler has disappeared so you go around to a bunch of towns looking for him. you find that there are Fight clubs popping up all over the place in the basements of old buildings (gyms) you fight the top guys at these clubs (gym leaders) and try to find out where Tyler Durden is...
    At the end you fight the best fighters Tyler has put together (the Elite 4) and finally face off against TYLER Himself, but afterwards discover that YOU are Tyler Durden. You watch the skyscrapers of Saffron become a pile of rubble as the credits role.

    -Pokemon Battles- Each trainer only has 1 pokemon- including all gym leaders and the Elite Four. You only get your starter,and cannot catch any pokemon at all, but your starter is very powerful (legendary in status when fully evolved) Trainer's pokemon are
    therefore much harder and more powerful.
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