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    Pokémon: The Almia Conspiracy

    Chapter 4: Part I

    Zack woke up, back in his room, in his house, in the peaceful town of Chicole. He got up out of his bed, and walked over to his dresser. Rifling through his assortment of colorful clothes, he picked out a pair of pants and a blue t-shirt. Walking over to the staircase that led down to the kitchen/livingroom, he put on his sneakers. Taking a quick peek at his alarm clock, he took note of the time.

    “8:30?!?! I’m late for the Academy!” he exclaimed nervously after glancing at the clock.

    He ran down the stairs, pausing by his mom to get breakfast.

    “Honey, I got you a Bike, so you can get to school faster. Use it instead,” she said to him, as he dashed out the door with his breakfast, a piece of buttered toast, in his mouth.

    Outside, he looked around for the Bike, spying it around the corner of the house. It was blue, with silver trim, and a black leather seat.

    “Awesome! This is a cool bike!” he said enthusiastically, swinging his leg around the bike to sit on it.

    He began to pedal quickly, and reached the path connecting Vientown and Chicole.

    Pedaling past the numerous Cherubi, Sunkern, and Budew, all of them crying out at him, he sped on toward Vientown. He stopped slightly to feed a starving Budew alongside the road.

    “There you go, little buddy!” Zack said, as he patted the little Pokémon while it ate the food he had given it.

    He swung back onto the bike, and pedaled the rest of the way to Vientown. He reached the line for the ferry to Academy Island, and folded up his Bike.

    Chattering and excited squeals rose from Pokémon and Trainers alike in the crowd. Zack eventually found Data in the mêlée.

    “Hey, Zack! There you are!” Data exclaimed when Zack reached him, his Porygon-X hovering in the air beside him.

    “Can you believe this crowd?” Zack asked Data.

    “I know. It’s so crazy that this many kids joined the Academy!” Data replied with enthusiasm.

    Their conversation continued along those lines, as making small talk was pretty much all they could do. Slowly the crowd emptied into the boats, zooming off to the island as soon as they were full of people.

    Data and Zack entered their boat and sat down on a bench. Chattering from all the different Trainers filled the boat. In no time, the little boat reached Academy Island, and the numerous Trainers filed out of it.

    In the main building of the Academy, hundreds of young Trainers were filing into the large building. Endless chattering still filled the air while Zack and Data squeezed in the door, sandwiched between at least 14 people.

    “Man, this crowd is insane!” Zack exclaimed, moving out of the way of another Trainer coming from behind him.

    “I know. I can’t wait until it clears and we get to our first class!” Data replied.

    “Hello students!” Director Quigley’s voice boomed out over the sound system, “Welcome to your first day at the Trainer Academy!”

    Every face turned to look at Director Quigley, standing on top of the stage, once again moved to the center of the main building.

    “The teachers in your first classes will brief you on the rules of the Academy. Also, you will receive a copy of our Handbook, containing every rule you must follow,” Quigley continued, “All of you have received your schedules on whatever mobile device you have, be it Pokétch, Pokénav, Pokégear, etc.”

    At that comment, almost every Trainer in the building did one of 3 things; rummaged in their bag eventually pulling out a device, looked at their wrist, or pulled a device out of their pocket.

    Zack pulled a new Pokénav from his left pocket. It was a sleek, glossy, black device with a glass capacitive touch screen. He instantly noticed the new icon with the Trainer Academy logo on it, labeled “Academy Schedule.” He touched the icon, and his schedule appeared on the screen.

    “I have Mrs. Stephens for 1st Period, Tactics class,” Zack said to no one in particular, “Hey, isn’t that the woman who gave us our second exam?”

    “Yeah. I’ve got her for my 1st period too.” Data replied, slipping his white Pokégear back in his pocket.

    As Zack replaced his Pokénav in his left pants pocket, Director Quigley began to speak again.

    “Here at the Academy we have a full Food Court of the type seen in large malls. During lunch, students may purchase food to eat using the Academy Card point system,” Director Quigley said, “These points can be earned during day-to-day activities, from test scores, or other things that your teachers can define.”

    There were murmurs of approval throughout the crowd, while some others stayed silent.

    “Now, it is time to begin your first day at the Trainer Academy!” Quigley said, and the Trainers began to walk toward their first classroom.

    “You know, I am so excited for this year!” Zack exclaimed, punching the air in front of him.

    “Well, let’s go.” Data said, and they kept on walking.

    Part 2 coming soon!

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