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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
I am curious why you would go back to sleep while someone is stealing your pokemon expecially since you just got done beating 8 gyms so u cant be a naive child...
I have said this in the first post. It's being worked on still!

Originally Posted by Raikt View Post
I already addressed that in my first post; he said that the story is still being worked on, so I assume it's subject to change.

As for the new content:

- I like the battle screen picture. It shows off a simple, clean, and elegant style (to me), and it's a lot less obtrusive than the originals. Will you be modifying the selection screen as well, or leaving it as it is in the picture?
- The gym leader is nice as well. The only thing I could comment on is that she looks similar to Bugsy; it's probably the hair. Still, nice job so far.
I will try and modify the selection screen.
As for the gym leader, the hair has actually been changed (Credit to IceGod)

Here is the new and updated Gym leader: