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...if you can successfully hack into the admin's accounts here
...if you keep writing all over your books (a doodle): pokecommunity pokecommunity pokecommunity or over your pencil case "this property belongs to [insert ur user name here] plz return to (insert her or his) house at pokecommunity
...if you can recite every single signature on this site
...if you've successfuly stalked every user here but yourself
...if you've paired up and then broken up with every user here
...if you've been here since you were a tiny kid (unless you ARE a tiny kid XD )
...if you know everyone's full name here
...if you mutter in your sleep "pc pc pc pc pc pc"

あの交差点で皆がもしスキップをして もしあの町の真中でてを繋いで空を見上げたら