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The game starts with you moving into your new house in the small town of Tanzan. You've just moved from Goldenrod with your mom and pet Eevee, and so you instantly miss the exciting big city life. Since Tanzan is a small farming town, you quickly become bored and crave the excitement you had back home.
Suddenly, your mom calls you downstairs. Apparently, there was a incident in the next town over, something about a group of shady individuals lurking around the mines. Seizing this opportunity for adventure, you and Eevee sneak out of town with another boy/girl who also craves excitement.

Unfortunately, as you begin to wander from town to town, you start to realize a dark secret about this new region. The shady individuals, who call themselves Team Rocket, seem to run the show from behind the scenes, manipulating people and Pokemon for profit. Even still, your new friend has gone missing. You fear that this group of criminals has kidnapped him/her for whatever reason, and you set off to rescue him/her and return the region to normal.

The game takes place at the same time as the events in Johto, where Team Rocket is trying to regroup. Apparently, in an effort to convince Giovanni to return, Team Rocket as a whole split off into two groups, one located in Johto and the other in this new region. However, whereas the group in Johto failed, this group succeeded in taking over the region.

There will be no gym leaders or Elite 4. Instead, the Rocket Executives on each of the 4 islands of the region will act as "boss" characters. There will still be gyms with trainers in them, but they will be optional places for raising up your Pokemon's levels.

Let me know what you think!

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Oh, my Tyranitar. So rocky, fat, love to hug it- even though it hurts me, EV trained, IV bred, cute, but packs a punch, loves his Choice Band, smart, amazing, you think so? Oops! Look at the time! I've kept you too long. Thanks for hearing me out. Here's a rare candy.