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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Because each computer in whole world SHOULD have WinRAR?
    It does NOT matter if it's packed in rar/zip. Important in patch inside.
    It's not a "should"; it's a "MUST". People who don't have unzipping programs in their computers are total noobs.

    Anyways, Sky, I think that you should STOP, I repeat, STOP using UPS Patches.
    UPS Patches suck ass. The new generation of Hackers use APS Patches.
    Do you know why?
    1. It causes less errors.
    2. People will stop spamming your thread asking: "I can't
    patch this UPS Patch!" These are rubbish questions.
    You want to avoid these garbage, right?
    3. Easy to use.

    So, now do you understand the usefulness of the APS Patch?
    UPS Patches are OUTDATE and is also simpily useless now.
    So, for the sake of your thread and your Hack, USE APS PATCH!
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