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Originally Posted by Raikt View Post
Personally, I think she looks excellent now. As a modest spriter myself, the only thing I can point out is that her badge on her chest is hardly distinguishable. You might want to try a different color?
Thanks a lot.
I will try and edit the badge on her chest, honestly I didn't even notice that there.

Originally Posted by Zephyr+ View Post
I'm siding with Raikt here in terms of the plot: it's not very well thought out ("we're working on it" is NOT an excuse; plot is the basis of a fangame, and games without it have no direction) and also uncannily like August Emerald's plot (which I tried to talk Dew out of). There's just... only so far I can suspend my disbelief, here. The fact that a seasoned trainer could have all of his/her Pokemon stolen while sleeping, especially from a secure place and after earning eight badges, is pretty silly. It's obviously just an excuse to restart the adventure and not have to create a new hero. Stop cutting corners here; you'd have fewer plot holes if you didn't have the hero be a seasoned trainer, or if you really want to, at least give it some thought.

"Stop Team Rocket from stealing everyone's Pokemon" is an awful excuse for a plot. First off, despite what the anime might tell you, TR does more than just steal peoples' pwecious pogeymans. They're the Pokemon world's mafia and do all sorts of ominous things. Play FRLG. Second, um, EVERYONE'S Pokemon? There's gotta be some huge security issues here if a group that's threatening to STEAL ALL THE POKEYMANS is being taken seriously at all.

...You know what, I... I want to help you with this. Because you've got some sort of skill here, but this is just so bad and so fixable that I can't just leave you like this. :/ PM me, yeah?

(Also. All of your features are just pandering to the audience (woooo, fifth gen Pokemon, woo shiny graphics wooooooo) but no evidence of a real game here. Just saying.)
...Thanks for the criticism...I guess.
I don't know how many times I will say this.
I came up with the story in about 10 minutes. I didn't really think it through. It is being worked on entirely.
I have a lot planned for this game. I actually have a real interesting plot, but I am working on it some more (Credit to Novus, and Yuoaman for helping me with it)

I don't really want your help if apparently "this isn't a real game." And my game is so bad that you NEED to help me.

And, for the record, I have played FRLG. And have beat it several times.
And there was NO excuse to play as Lyra. I really like the character so I made her in the game.