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    Okay I few things one I've been waiting for this game to come back into work so thank you for starting up again and I love the new digimon except for Zeusmon I think you should change the head it looks to much like a leomon and if you add X-antibody digimon I think the best choice would be the Ryudamon line and the Fanbeemon line they're awesome and Ryudamon's line would open up a Stronger then Mega DNA Evolution Alphamon (Oruyuuken) also two more digimon to consider first is Liollmon it's the rookie in Bancholeomons true evoulutionarie line and Kokabuterimon it's Mega is awesome TyrantKabuterimon also is this game gonna be like Digimon DS and Digimon Dawn Dusk as in the evolution and battle system are going to be like in those game and that you'll be able to gain Digimon through Scan Data or is it going to be more like you gain digimon through the story and level them up to Digivolve?