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    Originally Posted by PeregrineFig View Post
    I found an easy way to do this for people like me that can't run Advance Text. What you do is, take the first, say, three words of the page you're editing and convert it into hex, then search for it in a hex editor, now take the offset that text starts at and invert it, (for example 7530EB would be EB 30 75) and add 08 (so in the previous example you end up with EB 30 75 08), then search that in a hex editor. Now, open your ROM in XSE. Start a dynamic script, but don't put any scripting commands in it, just a text string, like this:


    #dynamic 0x740000
    #org @start
    = (The text will go here)

    Now, don't put in that equal sign, leave the line blank but have your cursor in that line. Use XSE's text adjuster and type out your intro text page, not exceeding 8 lines in length. Now convert and insert it, and go through and change any \p or \l commands to \n, then add \x at the very end. Hit compile, and invert the offset the same way you did earlier. Now back to the hex editor, edit the offset you found after searching earlier to point to your new text. (So, if the old offset was 7530EB and the new is 768954, replace EB 30 75 08 with 54 89 76 08) Save the changes, and boot it up. I did the edit shown in the thumbnail with this method, as my Vista with heavy user account controls won't run A-Text. I hope this helps someone, and metapod, sorry for writing a full tutorial in your tutorial thread
    No prob. Hopefully it will help someone.
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