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This is irritating.
It's already a hassle downloading a UPS patcher.
Why would you put a darn UPS patch file in a RARE file???
That's more downloading I have to do.

And why not put it in a basic IPS file instead and put it in a normal ZIP folder?

Not all people are able to download all these extractors and patchers.

Don't get me wrong, I really really want to play this rom hack, but theres no way I can play it now due to security and program firewalls.
And don't get smart on me saying "it's your fault" no! You need to make more compatibility with this rom hack if you want it to be playable. If I am forced to download and install these major programs on my computer, then no thanks, I will get discouraged to play it.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Because each computer in whole world SHOULD have WinRAR?
It does NOT matter if it's packed in rar/zip. Important in patch inside.
Not all computers come equipped with WINRAR. I owned 4 computers and neither one of them came with winrar installed. I had to download and install the trial which expired and I am forced to buy it if I ever want to use it again. WINZIP is 70-80% of the time already installed. I almost had no issues with ZIP files. And this computer I am using, do not have WINRAR and my trial expired already and it would not work unless I buy it.
Not every computer in this world is the same. Neither I should go through ALL of this JUST TO PLAY A BETA GAME!!!
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