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Originally Posted by Sonikku17 View Post
I have a quick question regarding special 0x18B, the "Show uncompressed picture" special. For the most part, I get how it works. However, I'm a bit confused about the first part of the table, the fossil pointer. It says it is a
"pointer to a section of data that has the needed information for the function to work," but I'm not sure what this means, or what the needed information would be.
The table at the manual shows that data right below it. The data at the fossil table is composed of only two pointers, the data pointer and the palette pointer. The data pointer, the other structure I talk about, must be stored somewhere else in the ROM, and contains the pointer to the uncompressed image, and 12 extra bytes I know nothing about. Those bytes must be 00 08 58 1b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00, otherwise the image shows displaced (like some glitch pokemon from Red).
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