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    Hello, Keiri

    Hey Zam. I suppose I should've joined this club earlier. For those of you who don't know, Zam and I are both Captains (and quite good friends) from the SPPF Bleach Club, which he's mentioned the odd few times.

    Also, as a notice, I'd like to join the 12th Squad. I know I can't get the position yet, but if no one else would take it before me, that'd be nice 8D.

    Because I like my organisation (No one in real life would expect me to say that), I'll post my Shikai and Bankai in the next post. It might seem a bit God-moddy, though no one from the SPPF club thought so, so hopefully no one here will either.

    As for my favourite character, it is Ulquiorra. My least favourite, probably Zommari, mostly because of the wasted potential. He was quite mysterious and quiet in the beginning, but the moment he opened his mouth, it all went downhill.