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Originally Posted by LucarioFreak! View Post
Not all computers come equipped with WINRAR. I owned 4 computers and neither one of them came with winrar installed. I had to download and install the trial which expired and I am forced to buy it if I ever want to use it again. WINZIP is 70-80% of the time already installed. I almost had no issues with ZIP files. And this computer I am using, do not have WINRAR and my trial expired already and it would not work unless I buy it.
Not every computer in this world is the same.
I've never said anything about equipping =)
It is NOT part of PC like Internet Explorer for example that's for sure but it should be downloaded as a second thing in PC (after normal browser. Firefox, Opera etc...)
And this poster is absolutely right =)
Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
Wow, chill. The WinRAR trial is free. It never expires. It lies about the whole 30-day thing and just keeps working.
Originally Posted by LucarioFreak! View Post
Neither I should go through ALL of this JUST TO PLAY A BETA GAME!!!
I don't wanna sound harsh but it's your decision YOU wanna play YOU decided to download this hack. It's called laziness if you don't wanna do something for playing :/
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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