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Hiya, I'm just donating my Soul Silver sav here.

Trainer name: Red
Playing time: 13:35
Badges: 8
Lvl 50 Pikachu Shiny
Lvl 52 Charizard Shiny
Lvl 51 Blastoise Shiny
Lvl 51 Venasaur Shiny
Lvl 52 Lapras Shiny
Lvl 50 Umbreon Shiny

All trained since Lvl 1, minus the Umbreon, trained since lvl 25 I think. Starts just after you beat the Elite Four.

In return if possible all I ask is for a .sav file for Fire Red with Charmander Shiny, Lvl 5. Good Nature, perferably female. Thanks.

EDIT: and also, the Name of the Trainer to be John. Rival Patrick. Thanks.
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