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Originally Posted by Firebreathing Ice Cube View Post
I've got an idea for a hack...

There's this new sinister team that wants eternal darkness so that they can gain monopoly over people's need of light. They start off by removing generators from buildings and such, but then their leader discovers the true power of the Dark Rayquaza to manipulate weather and make it so the sun would never shine again. You try to stop them as you go through your journey, but they eventually gain control over the Dark Rayquaza and you cannot stop them... yet. I don't want to say the rest of the story, but there it is. I hope this can be a springboard for a hack I really want to start :D's an OK story, but you shouldn't use the whole "Dark Legendary" scenario, people don't really like that mostly because it's cliche. And also, I'm guessing that you have to either use regular Rayquaza, Light Rayquaza, or Kyogre and Groudon to stop it, and I encourage you not to use ANY of these because it would be extremely predictable, not making for much of a surprise.
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