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    Originally Posted by Raichupacabra View Post
    ok so when can u trade ur Sunday Wobbufett for my VGC10 Eevee
    I can trade tomorrow
    Originally Posted by bian View Post
    It's date is March 27, 2010.
    ok, I can trade tomorrow
    Originally Posted by g0dofearth View Post
    hello i am interested in your UT JP Bagon lv.5 (10/10/06) i have been literally searching for one of these for like 6 months lol so yea i have some good pokemon to offer hopefully your interested =D

    ok here is what i got

    Nok arceus
    ut Tru Arceus
    ut gamestop Pichu X3
    ut gamestop jirachi
    ut nz jirachi
    ut Wishmaker Jirachi
    ut self selfdestruct munchlax
    lvl 27 wishmaker jirachi
    ut Nok rayquaza
    ut vgc09 milotic
    ut susumu mew
    ut gamestop deoxys
    ut pokewalker flying pickachu (Japanese)
    ut poketopia pikachu
    ut distant land lugia (nicknamed silver)
    ut hoenn lugia (Japanese event)
    ut birthday charmander
    ut poketopia electiver
    ut poketopia magmortar
    ut WCS eevee
    ut 10th anniversary celabi
    ut 10th anniversary entei
    ut world08 lucario
    ut tru shaymin
    ut tru manaphy
    lvl 100 alamos darkrai

    lvl 100 shiny metagross
    shiny ut pineco
    shiny ut ralt

    eved lvl 73 shiny salamence
    lvl 100 eved shiny charizard

    i will be willing to trade 2 or 3 pokemon for the wish bagon if i have to im just really excited to see someone who actually has one =D
    What is the date of your WCS eevee?
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