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    story #1 idea

    Pokemon World Tour-
    You start out in a small suburb of Petalburg City in Hoenn. You're childhood friend (NAME) had to move away to Sinnoh.
    Until now, you haven't been old enough to make the long journey all the way from Hoenn to Sinnoh. But now you are. You go to the Petalburg Gym to ask for a pokemon. Norman gives you some pokeballs and has one of his trainers take you out to the grass. Amazingly an extremely rare type of Pokemon appears and you are able to catch it.

    You then set out for Rustboro City in order to get to the ferry in Fallarbor Town. A training session is being held by Roxanne outside town. You must defeat her in order to go on. You manage to defeat her and make it to Fallarbor town. A contest hall is here, which you can participate in while you wait for the ferry.

    Finally the ferry arrives, and you board it. Crossing the waves that night you fall asleep. The next morning you wake and find that the ferry has arrived. Olivine City shines steelily at you. Outside of town your path is blocked by Jasmine who is trying to get help for her Steelix. She tells you about her grandmother in Cianwood City to the south and asks you if you could go get the medicine from her since Jasmine doesn't want to leave Steelix alone.

    In Cianwood, the grandmother doesn't trust you and you must defeat her in a pokemon battle in order to get the medicine. Also of note in the area is the Safari Zone to the West. You take the medicine to Jasmine you asks you for a duel in order to check her Steelix. After your battle Jasmine announces Steelix is AOK. and head back to her gym.

    To the north is a forest, where you espy the legendary pokemon Celebi, Team Rocket is trying to capture Celebi. To the east of the forest is Ecruteak City which is hosting its annual Burning Day festival. You don't want to be rude s o you head over to the tall building to wait for the parade to finish. The tower catches on fire, and three cat-like pokemon run out of the building. You decide to not stick around and get into any more trouble.
    You make your way through the crowd to the front of the parade. The gym leader is leading it. (you two battle) He thinks you are an arsonist, but when you win, he apologizes and lets you through.

    The path to Violet City is blocked, but you are able to get to Goldenrod City.
    In Goldenrod, you discover that Alzalea is also unable to get to. You decide to buy a set of tickets. But in order to get these tickets you must convince Whitney to give them to you. tickets: Goldenrod--> Altomare City

    You take the ferry to Altomare City where another festival is occuring. One of the Latios/Latias pair shows up. You are selected as Champion and must take care of the Latios/Latias

    After this you board the ferry to the Sevii Orange Islands. Your First Stop, the island of Shamouti. (events similar to movie occur, but much more festival) You meet Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, and even Lugia.

    The next place you go to is New Island where a master trainer is looking for trainers (actually Mewtwo) (pretty much 1st movie) Team Rocket again appears, this time along with Giovanni.
    You manage to defeat Team Rocket and Mewtwo gives you a Masterball. He then escapes, heading North, team rocket following him. Later, you catch the ferry to Kanto, which takes you to Cinnabar Island. There Blaine and his neice Flannery are trying to prevent a devestating volcanic eruption from occuring. You help them by battling the pokemon that is causing the volcano to be active.

    After this you can go north and visit the famous Pallet Town. then in viridian city you find out that Team Rocket has taken over the old abandoned Viridian City Gym. Geting closer to your goal you head north to Pewter Town and west to Cerulean.

    In Cerulean Team Rocket is back and are busy building a tunnel connecting Sinnoh and Kanto in order to capture and sell the pokemon across borders. You put a stop to their operations, and just in time. At the end of the cave, you use Rock Smash and the tunnel breaks through into Sinnoh.
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