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Yes, Fire Red. Not Fire Red Omega, or some sort of Rom Hack, but Fire Red. This is my own take on the story, if the main character was evil. It will stretch out throughout the entirety of the pokemon games.

Oh, and by the way, I know my picture quality sucks. If there's no way to fix it with the emulator's capture, then I will take photos with my other recorder.

Note: NPC sprites ripped by Silentninja, and Hero sprites ripped by Mewtwo Man, retrieved from Spriters-Resource. Maps made by A-Map, made by LU-HO.

Here we go, Entry #1

Police Officer 1: Now listen, we just want the information from your point of view. Co-operate, or pay the consequences.

Red: You pigs think you can scare me with your words? Who decorated this room anyway? They should be shot for doing such a poor job.

Police Officer: Shut up and tell us!

Red: You already have enough evidence to lock me up. Why bother with this pointless jabber?

Police Officer: Fine, you don't want to talk, eh? I suppose we could put you in with James again...

Red: NO! NO WAY! I'll tell you everything, just don't put me in a room with him!

Police Officer: Then start with the story!

Red: Fine. Here it goes. Hell, I'll tell it so well, you'll think you were me!

Who the hell are you, old man!?


I don't care if your name is Redwood, get out before I make you!

That's it, I'm getting my lasers.

What is inhabited far and wide by pokemon? Tell me while I load these things.

What am I, a kindergartener!? I know that, you old fool!

Wait, where is my laser guns!? This is my dream!

Your mother must be so proud of you. I mean it, instead of becoming a champion, you study something we all know about! Hey wait, aren't you that creepy neighbor that lives next to us?

No! Why the hell should I!?

You tell me, einstein!

What the hell!? Where did this ****ing thing come from!? And how does it have my name on it!?

What's my neighbor doing in my dream!? I hate that guy!

Whoopdeefreakingdoo! I don't care about some pokemon journey! I have business to take care of!

I dream only of money, I don't care about your ****ing adventure bullcrap! I have important stuff to take care of here!

And here I am, talking to my contacts in various... let's say places. Watching TV. I hear some news I don't like, so I decided to leave.

My idiot mother, there she is, unaware of what goes on behind her back. Alwars reading that ****ing book, and watching that ****ing show!

Stop swearing? No ****ing way, pig! You want it from my point of view, then suck it up!

And this? This is my house in my backwards-ass town. Nothing ever goes on here. Two houses, population... what was it, seven? Eight? Who cares? Their only purpose is to manipulate them into giving me cash.

This is Blue's house. I come here every so often to laugh at his lack of a room. That was my doing, he sleeps on the floor now.

Serves him right. Ow! Don't hit me, pig!

And here is the asshat himself. Despite his looks, he is an annoying enemy, but surprisingly resiliant and challenging. He was instrumental in my downfall, believe it or not. Now, back to the story.

What the hell? You can't boss me around!

I have a gun in my hand, do you think pokemon will actually get the jump on me? Actually...

If you're willing to give me a pokemon, I can do so much more then I can now...

Ohoho... I know someone who is going to pay for this by the time I'm done!

Will you shut up, I'm tired of your snooty ass getting in the way!

As much as I hate you, Blue, I hate Oak more. He's such an idiot.

I may not be the nicest person around the block, but... who the hell forgets about their grandson!? I know you don't have any... oh wait... never mind. Go right ahead.

Blue: What are you talking about?

Red: Shut up and let him talk.

What now, idiotic weirdo?

Ooooh, three pokemon! I'm soooo amazed! Having three pokemon isn't an accomplishment! Most trainers have three pokemon!

Gee, you think!? It's kind of common sense that a Pokemon would be in a Poke ball!

Yeah, you have... Gasp! Three pokemon! That's such an accomplishment! Even straw hat over there can get three pokemon!

It's what I came here to get. Now, which shall I choose?

Wait your turn, because once again, I am better then you.

Blue: Shut up, Red!

Now which should I get?

Which one should I get? And should I name it anything?

What? You think I'm nuts? Obviously the burning down of Five Island didn't give you enough proof.

Yeah, this one kind of sucks, but it'll get better soon. Just have to get back into the swing of things.