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Again, I'm probably not going to use the storyline, but I might as well... give myself a stockpile in the case that my brain can understand number strings... which it can't, and is the reason I don't hack.

In Act I, you start out going under a normal pokemon journey in Johto, however as you go through, you find these nutjobs known as the Nightmare Sect. These people are rejects who are mutating pokemon, and combining them to make nightmarish abominations, in order to find the ultimate combinations to use, and help them take over the world. They start to get good at it, and create ones that stay alive for a while, albeit they are in everlasting pain (Reflected by the HP loss each turn) as they slowly degenerate.

In Act II the gym quest would become obsolete, and you're just racing to stop these guys from getting to their destination and getting pokemon. As it goes on, the effects that go on with the people get worse, culminating in the death of the Gym Leader: Blue (Green), and the complete takeover of Kanto by the syndicate, forcing you back to Johto.

In Act III, you're fighting to keep them out of Johto, until a break in their defense occurs. The Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and other powerful trainers, including you, use this break in order to attack at the stronghold with everything they got, leading you to Silph Co, and their ultimate combination, as well as untold amounts of members, and even the distrusting citizens of Kanto. Game ends after beating the leader and his hybrid pokemon.

Yes, a lot of scripting, and actually, it'd require a lot of stuff in general. I might actually get off my ass, attempt to learn how to Hex Edit, and try this. Highly doubt I'd be able to do it at all, but I'll try. Probably isn't the best story since I had to come up with part of this on the spot because I had to edit the Nightmare Sect's original plan, but I think it's pretty good.