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    Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
    Seems like there's some information missing. What's the connection between "sneaking off to the next town over" to "wandering all over the region"? It's a big shift. For the first, you just pack a lunch and you're back by nightfall. For the second, your mom is probably calling the police because she thinks you've run away.

    It looks like you're using the kidnapping as a motive for the protagonist to go after Team Rocket. But you also want it to make logical sense. For instance, is there a good reason for the kidnapping? Why would Team Rocket kidnap a kid (assuming everyone's under 18) that has no connection to them? Let's see, kidnapping usually involves ransom or some kind of manipulation. Are the kid's parents wealthy? In government? There has to be some reason other than 'plot device'.

    Team Rocket members as boss battles might work pretty well. I'd make more than four of them, though. If there's nothing but wild Pokemon battles between the bosses, it might get kind of boring.

    I like the idea, overall. The devil is in the details, though. I'd love to see someone pull off a good 'Team Rocket has taken over the world!' hack that has a solid, engaging plot. Maybe it'll be you? :0
    Ha, you're right about the sneaking away part! I guess I didn't think that through very well.
    Now I'm at a loss on how the protagonist can sneak away without the mother calling the police. I was even thinking that you're sent to deliver a package to the next town and you get roped into the whole Team Rocket ordeal, but even then your mom would wonder why it's taking so long for you to return! Hm, maybe she does call the police and they do search for you, but some/all of them are working for Team Rocket? There's an idea...

    As for the kidnapping, it could really go two ways. I'm not sure which is better or makes more sense.
    1) The kid is important to Team Rocket. Maybe he threatened to report them to the authorities, and they had no choice but to kidnap him. I was originally thinking that they would brainwash him into joining the group, as they did to many other citizens of the region.
    2) The kid really wasn't kidnapped at all. Once you realize that your friend is missing, you jump to the conclusion that he's been kidnapped and decide to go after Team Rocket to save him, when really he returned home safely and is waiting for you to do the same.

    I'm glad that you like the overall idea! I'd probably make most of the game based on battling Team Rocket grunts/executives and their cohorts, with a few normal trainers here and there for variety. I could go for 2 execs per island, making 8 total.

    Now the main problem is getting a team to help me work on this! I'm still new to scripting/mapping, but I'd love to make this idea a reality! :D

    Originally Posted by Cyndahog View Post
    Oh, my Tyranitar. So rocky, fat, love to hug it- even though it hurts me, EV trained, IV bred, cute, but packs a punch, loves his Choice Band, smart, amazing, you think so? Oops! Look at the time! I've kept you too long. Thanks for hearing me out. Here's a rare candy.