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Baby 'mon!

So here they are, some of the new Baby Pokémon, created by Aquakip. These will be received in a quest which will start once you beat each gym; the leader will give you a clue or a riddle to help you along. People really liked these on deviantART, so what do you think?

Four new screens!

Hover over each screen to get a description.

Revised Pokédex!

Grey= Going
Green= Single form staying
White= Staying

The new revised Pokédex. All of the Pokémon in grey will be going, so you'll never have to battle them in the main quest. After that, you will be able to catch them if you so wish, but you won't have to to complete your Pokédex. Pichu's Spiky Eared form will be the only one available and Cherrim's Sunshine form too.
So what do you think? Dissaggree with any of the Pokémon leaving, or staying? Please tell me what you think.


@Loliwin: Hey. Thanks, we will!

@zein: It was actually in someone elses tile set, who had forgotten to give credit.

@AceOfSpades0707: I vmd him asking why he asked this, apparently he had no idea fan games existed...

@xDaisuke0: Thank you! Really?! The more the merrier.

@Flare Riqueza: It doesn't matter if it goes to the second page, I'll always keep updating it anyway.

@Cilerba: Thanks. That's actually the most popular feature.

@Masterge77: Yes it is...

@yaywalter: Thank you. We will!

Demo Beta out Now!