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    Originally Posted by Sosuke Aizen View Post

    I don't know what my favorite filler episode is, unfortunately. ;

    I saw that picture before! It's on deviant art(well, that's where I saw it)!

    Oh, and here's the description of my zanpakuto! Zameric helped me out with a lot of it!
    ...I think I should've posted the description a few days ago. =.=;


    Zanpakuto Name;In'yō (陰陽, Ying and Yang)

    Type; Illusion

    Zanpakuto Spirit; Kage to Hit has white, messy, unkept hair. His hair is parted is parted off to the right side of his face, his fringe covering his left eye. His right eye is pure black; a black eye-patch – with a ying yang symbol on it – covering his left eye. He wears a black kimono – which has ying yang symbols on the upper arm areas, right below the shoulders, and back. He also wears a plain white hakama. He goes around bare-foot, keeps his hands covered by the long sleeves of his kimono, and has two horns ontop of his head; the right one black and the left white.
    In'yō has a – normally – calm and collected demeanor. He can be quite forceful when needed and thinks before he takes action. He does have a few quirks, though, such as the way he ignores half the things that are being said, his obsession with cats, and several other things… Another one of his quirks is his love for sweets, though, he always denies the fact(even if he’s eating something sweet right in front of the person).Another trait is his unusual split personality. He can be calm and collected one minute, and be arrogant and bashful the next(though, this rarely happens).
    Some hobbies of his is; to read (the strangest/creepiest) books, collecting manga, fortune telling, and drawing.

    Release Phrase; Kuramu (くらむ, to blind by illusion), In'yō

    Shikai Details; In'yō has two parts to its ability.
    • Ina'un (否運, Bad Fortune): The first, is that it can cause the opponent to see illusions of their greatest fear.
    • Kōun (幸運, Good Fortune): The second, is that it can temporarily (about 1 to 2 minutes) effect the opponent's senses so that the user can influence their actions, as to prevent or dodge an attack.
    The greatest weakness of the shikai is that only one ability can be used at a time, and the active ability must be released with the phrase Chirasu (散らす, Dissipate) before the other ability can be activated. Another weakness is that the effects of the zanpakuto can be broke if the opponent is able concentrate their senses on something else like self-inflicted pain, or or if they can escape far enough away.

    Bankai Name; In'yō no Kami (陰陽の神, God of Yin and Yang)

    Bankai Release Phrase;Itonami ni eru(営みに得る, bring to life), In'yō no Kami

    Bankai Details; When bankai is activated, the hilt of the sword starts to glow. Inyō no Kami becomes two separate swords, where it was originally one in shikai. One blade is black and the other white, with the abilities of each sword are stronger when the black sword is held in the right hand and the left sword is held in the left hand. The black sword is able to use the Ina'un ability, but can also solidify the illusion for about 10 minutes. The white sword is able to use a stronger Kōun ability for about 10 minutes. But if the abilities are used in the same time frame, the time is cut in half for each. Although, 10 and 5 minutes – 10 while using only one blade and 5 when using both – are the ideal amount of time while using the bankai, it can be stretched. Though, this added amount of time will cause a severe amount of energy and reiatsu loss for at least a day(depending on how much time was added on).
    Anything Else; In'yō can also make things appear or solidify (with his bankai ability) things to his liking(or other’s likings) using his Kōun ability(ex. Ice cream, cats). In'yō also has the ability to tell fortunes(though, not always accurate(in fact, almost never accurate)), this is also another hobby that In'yō has. When in its sealed state, the hilt of the zanpakuto is dark blue. In'yō is an ambidextrous fighter(and so must the user in order to attack effectively).
    Yay, I get to see the final product.
    there's an error in the spirit description. ;p

    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    I like it. It's similar enough to Aizen's, without being a blatant rip off, being quite a bit different, and being not as much Godmod.
    It'd definitely be interesting to see what would happen if you used Ina'un on me XD. I think maybe we would be good in a tag-team battle (since we're both double sword weilders).
    Yes, we wanted to make sure it wasn't just a rip-off of Aizen's zan.
    I think you two would be very interesting team.

    Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
    Hey I like Sosukes sword. I really don't think it that powerful. Real power is my Kitsune na Hii xD.

    About the manga, Aizens face is cracked. Maybe it will crumble completly like an egg and his tnew Hogyokyu face willl be revealed :o. I'm also surpised to see Isshin has the same attack as Ichigo. If they have the same sword it would be pretty cool yet boring at the same time. Still, I wonder how Isshin got his Shinigami powers?

    Random questions: Has anyone else noticed that Ichigo has been in Bankai form since his fight with Grimmjow :/ and that Byakuya, Unohana, and Kenpachi are still in Hueco Mundo?
    Well, don't forget that the swords can still be used to cut enemies in half.
    Inyō abilities are kind of supplementary to her own fighting abilites.

    Please use spoiler tags, Nightmare.
    Well, for when we've seen him. There have been a few times where we don't see him where he's like getting healed and stuff that his sword might have went back to shikai. But that's also an atribute of his reduces in size so he can increase his speed and maintain it longer than most bankai.