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    Hmm...For the songs... I don't keep up with them. XD But, from the ones I can remember, I like Alones, Stay Beautiful, and Change.


    Hmm... I thought that his face would just heal! XD But, maybe something new will actually happen!
    Now that I think about it...There has been some repitition in what's happened through-out the whole series. XD I, personally, am getting kind of annoyed with Uryu using the same attack... The thing with the pentagon(I keep forgetting what it's called).
    Now that you mention it, he has been in bankai this whole time!
    ...Ichigo sure has a lot of stamina... Un...

    The thing about Ulquiorra and the dust would be funny! XD

    Really? You guys liked the zanpakuto? XD
    I was kind of skeptical about it...

    ...Good tag-team..? Well, I'll have to go and read the entire description this time, I guess.
    I guess we would make a good tag-team. XD

    What do you guys think's going to happen with Gin and Rangiku?

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