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    Well anyone with a sword is dangerous... It is technically a lethal weapon even without all the special abilities of zanpakuto. I mean, a blade cuts, and cuts hurt. And a deep enough one can kill. Simple as that. Aizen is still way too powerful and I hate him for it. The fact that he has a sword in the first place is scary enough, considering his personality and character... I mean come on - anyone that evil is insanely scary with any sort of weapon...

    As for Gin and Rangiku...
    I have a feeling there's gonna be some kind of emotional event... And then one of them might die by the other's hand... Or it could be similar to Tosen's death, but instead of Komamura and Hisagi, it would be Matsumoto and Kira... Maybe. But that might be a bit too cliche considering the same scenario twice is just boring... I also think there might be a scenario similar to the scene in Naruto, where Sasuke is seen leaving the village, but to a lesser extent. You know, just something that could happen that could potentially bring two childhood friends back together, but in the end it would only result in the one of them (specifically Ichimaru) knocking the other (Matsumoto) out, or possibly killing (or heavily injuring) her. But that's going off on a limb here. Just spitting out ideas that I think could potentially happen.

    Just know that my predictions for this kind of thing are almost always wrong. XD