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    Originally Posted by Rekky View Post
    I know a lot of you were talking about having an adventure story featuring Astinus in which one rule would be dealt with per chapter (Rekky: professional lurker), but honestly, I've gotta say I don't think it'd work.
    *facebury* For the umpteenth time, we've established that we're not doing that. (Or at least I have in that post where I mention this list you're bolding.) That's why that thread hasn't been updated in weeks. To everyone: please stop saying that the story idea won't work. We already know that. In fact, we went into great detail about why it won't work. Repeatedly.

    And this is why I say we need to stop PMR right now and actually go with the plan I've outlined. Because all too often, people keep bringing up the same points over and over again, either because they're not reading the latest parts of the discussion all the way through or because there's something about the WL that encourages people to argue themselves into circles. I don't mean to be biting at all, but really, guys, we've been talking about this since March. It's really annoying to keep folding back on issues we've already gone over.

    This is silly. Personally I'd expect everybody who's posting in this thread, looking for ways to innovate this forum, to be already doing this. And not because they have a duty but because that's what they do.
    Yes, it's a given that the regulars enforce the rules by example. Is it happening in FF&W? Well, no. That would be the problem. This is a statement that pretty much ends the argument about how to improve quality -- by encouraging people to go review things in the main forum instead of arguing themselves into circles like we usually do around here. (I'll get into the issue involving reviewers shortly.)

    I highly doubt anyone could pull that off. Why not bring in the monthly prompt thing that we had going on ages ago?
    The issue we're trying to address with the review-a-day idea isn't to encourage writers to become more active. It's to encourage reviewers to be more active. Bringing back the prompt challenge (which was dropped in the first place because no one wanted to write for them after awhile) touches on a completely different issue; it won't get people to review and establish the forum standard we're looking for.

    As I've said ages ago, we have no problem with forum activity on the writers' end of things. Just look at the first page of the main forum. Fifteen different stories, and they've all been updated within the past two days. Where we're falling short is with the reviewers. Writers are posting, but we don't have enough quality reviewers replying. (*motions to the number of threads that have less than five replies*) So, no, it's not a working system because, well, it hasn't worked here. No one seems to want to answer the question of why people don't review despite having plenty of material to go over. They just don't, and that's the problem PMR was supposed to be solving (because it ties in with the clique atmosphere as well).

    As for whether or not people can write a review a day, unless you happen to be bogged down with work (which may be unlikely for those of us on summer break), it's plausible because of what I said earlier about reviews. Reviews don't have to be massive analytical shindigs. They just have to be a paragraph stating what you thought of the chapter/story/whatever with specific details (e.g., references to specific events in the chapter) thrown in to show you're paying attention. This, of course, is a minimum. You can make it longer than that, but it's really not necessary. And if you can't sit down, read a five-page chapter (which seems to be the average length), and write a short paragraph on it even though you have enough time to look through this thread and write a response, then I'm going to have to say there's an issue here, and it's not with the request.
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