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    FFL has been closed. The rules rewrite thread has been closed.

    And Breezy said what I could have said about SPPf. (I'm a member there as well.) It's the same thing with BMGf. There's not even a sub-forum for authors to ask questions about writing, but there are reviewers for the stories posted there. People get out and review.

    I'm going to start tonight by reviewing a story. Though I'm not going to be happy if I'm the only one reviewing.

    Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
    Actually, I do have a question that's somewhat off topic. What happened to the Fanfiction of the Month thing? Is that no longer happening? I know there's an fanfiction archive for stories "that have been recognized to be outstanding" (is this for finished fics, btw, or just any story recognized to be well written?). Is it not used anymore, like the Revision Bin?
    It stopped once I became too busy to read through all the fics posted and move them to a separate forum and PM the author to let them know. Plus it caused a few problems, so I decided to drop it.

    The Archive houses the fics that won Fanfiction of the Month previously. But it, like the Revision Bin, is not in use.

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