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    Originally Posted by Mr.Crowley View Post
    You start out as a baby, but you're given another Character slot - that one can be any Pokemon you find an egg for - and hatch.

    As for the Story, we aren't sure yet - but it will revolve heavily around the mysterious Unknowns (Hence the single letter in the title).

    Also, it technically is a download, because you have to install Byond to play it - it's our provider.

    Except for the Pokemon Sprites - everything is made by me from scratch (the tiles, the objects, the attacks etc).

    UPDATE: It was hosted yesterday, and I got a little screenshot. The blurriness is due to me liking to play on zoom x4 lol.

    I'll be nice and show a second one c:

    As of right now, the game is fully playable Online - but only the first Island is available. If we can find a good enough 24/7 host - I'll make it Closed Beta for selective people to enjoy for about a week or two, and take it from there.
    1-Does it need Download?
    2-If it dosen't, can i have the link to it? (Forgive me if your posted it, i guess i didn't see it.)
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