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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
This is amazing. The isometric graphics and sprites are pixel art at its finest! This is now my favourite game on here. I wish you the best of luck with it. You really do deserve to be the highest rated game.
Thank you very much lol. I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure about deserving the highest rating but we will try our best to make one of the Best Digimon Fan-games

Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
Let me guess? Whoever made the teaser was inspired by how Henry and Terriermon meet in Digimon Tamers?

Glad the game is back. Loved it before, probably will love it even more now.
Ha ha That's how those two met? I never knew...I need to watch the all Digimon series
again lol.

Thank you, I'm glad to be able to start working on it again, and believe me, I'm sure you'll like it a lot more now. We have a lot of special things planned

Originally Posted by monkeyboi View Post
Sweet it's back and looks awesome can't wait for the updates to start.
Thank you Monkeyboi ha.

Originally Posted by SpawnHyuuga View Post
Good luck FMP! This look's pretty good.
Thank you very much, we'll do our best for sure.

Originally Posted by donaldc View Post
is there a download for this out yet? it looks really good XD
Nope not yet, You'll definitely know when there is though

Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
[CENSORED BY THE UNIVERSE FOR BEING TOO PROFANE FOR A FORUM FOR POKEMON DISCUSSION.] I am so darn glad to see this project rolling again, FMP! I came in here expecting to have to report a new member for reviving an inactive thread, but to see this...

I'm just so happy.
lol Thank you very much Yuoaman I'm glad you're still around and support the game as much as ever We plan on making everyone a lot more happy with the stuff that's been planned, believe me.

Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
Agreed with above post. For once, it's good news rather than someone else's spam.

Awesome little promo bit, too.
lol Thank you very much man.

Originally Posted by ~DarkAchu~ View Post
OMG ITS BACK i was just thinking about digimon becuase i was excited by the new series starting soon in japan (Xros Wars) and then i dreamt up my own digimon last night called Exmon; a black coloured dragon type digimon of whom is veemon's rival, (if you want to know more about him justask i made up his entire digivolution tree and his backstory ) anyway YAYY its back, Good luck in the future of the digital game.
lol Then it's your fault it's back. Nobody thinks about Digimon and has the game come back at once. So we'll have to beat you up for that later Jk, Jk. I'd love to hear more about your Digimon however if you're willing. If we can, we might find a way to put it in.

Originally Posted by Nick Man View Post
Shouldn't Zeusmon be Jupitermon, because it should be named after Roman gods, not Greek, like the rest?

All the Digifakes are turning out to be quite awesome!

Keep up the good work!
lol I think we'll keep it Zeusmon, but thank you very much lol. The Digi Fakes are coming together rather well due to the team and support.

Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
I don't agree about Zeusmon/Jupitermon. Not just because I like the Greek Gods more than their Roman counterparts, but also because it leaves the possibility of a real Jupitermon open. In this fanmade digimon universe, Zeusmon and, the yet to be made/revealed real, Jupitermon could co-exist. It's just that Zeusmon took the place of Jupitermon in the Olympian Twelve.

But I do agree the DigiFakes look great and very awesome! It makes waiting for the game even harder.
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it so far. You do hold a good point with your statement too. We'll just have to see what happens lol.

Originally Posted by ~DarkAchu~ View Post
who is drawimg these they are awesome i just wish i could draw like that so i could show you Exxmon, his champion Exgreymon, his split ulitmates MechExmon (silver and black) then their megas (the black one goes into Gaiomon and the silver one goes into Machindrexmon.) they also DNA into A evil version of Omegamon; Warexmon Which is the leader of the Virus Version Royal Knights; The Virus Enforcers (like Alphamon but evil lol) Anyway i completly forgot you have made your own digifakes aswell, I guess time really does make people forget.
They are being drawn mainly by Shadypenpen, Jaymisekai, and Neoarchangemon

Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
Whens this game coming out? ive been waiting for a year now!?
Yes you have, and because we all have outside lifes, this game is not any of our main priority so Don't think You'll be getting the game on a specific date unless we provide a date otherwise. Don't be impatient, it takes official game design teams years to make a game, they plan them months ahead while working on others so that they don't seem too far apart...Basically, be patient dude, we work at a rate suitable for us.

Originally Posted by Omn View Post
If you guys ever need help with ideas on the game and some info on digimon you could possibly talk to me on if you want and this games seems really cool and are you gonna add the x-antibody
Originally Posted by pokemongarnet View Post
Is this going to mainly be digifakes or more real digimon?
More so the Real Digimon than Digi-fakes. May be an even amount depending on how people like them.

Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
Okay I few things one I've been waiting for this game to come back into work so thank you for starting up again and I love the new digimon except for Zeusmon I think you should change the head it looks to much like a leomon and if you add X-antibody digimon I think the best choice would be the Ryudamon line and the Fanbeemon line they're awesome and Ryudamon's line would open up a Stronger then Mega DNA Evolution Alphamon (Oruyuuken) also two more digimon to consider first is Liollmon it's the rookie in Bancholeomons true evoulutionarie line and Kokabuterimon it's Mega is awesome TyrantKabuterimon also is this game gonna be like Digimon DS and Digimon Dawn Dusk as in the evolution and battle system are going to be like in those game and that you'll be able to gain Digimon through Scan Data or is it going to be more like you gain digimon through the story and level them up to Digivolve?
No problem, thanks for continually supporting. I do agree the head resembles Leomon's quite a bit so we'll see if that'll change or not. If we do add in X-antibody Digimon, those would most likely be our top picks. Ryudamon especially. Regarding the evolution system, no, it won't be anything too similar to the DS versions, The battle system will resemble the DS versions in some ways but the overall difference will probably be more dramatic. We haven't officially decided how the Digimon will be gained so I'll update with info. on that once I talk to the whole team.

Once again thank you all and I'll bee updating soon with some new Features that we plan to implement to make the game A LOT better than what you've seen as well as a few other things