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    These episodes gave me a love for contests ussualy i just skip them and proceed to the next episode.I feel bad for Kenny though for that Whirlpool mishap.Jesse's Performance didn't realy wow me,i mean every one of her stunts causes her to be be attacked and that's not very contest like.I forgot how Nando's performance At the moment unfortuanatly.Zoey's was "Marvalous" (pun intended)Ursula brought the very first evolve in contest scenario (I think the evolve in battle was taken by grovyle and loudred if I recall corectly)Dawn's rollercoaster bit was weird I guess but the finale was spectacular.For the battles I really liked the showing of Loppuny and with Krickatune's Bug Buzz combo added more plesure.Zoey's Leafeon made it 3 Eeveelutions in the matter of 2 or 3 episodes.Also best Contest battle i've seen yet.Dual Double team was pretty epic to.Dawn vs Ursula (Mamo and Pachi vs Booster and Gabite) was rigged.Counter Pachi's Discharge with gabite and Dawn didn't lose points.Being hit "over nine thousand" (to the bare minimum) times and yet she still didnt lose any points..Really Unfair if I have say.But keeping it unbaised dawn did good with the hamster ball technique.Finaly the Zoey vs Dawn was breath taking.I didnt know when what was going to happen.It was nice to see both of there main pokemon clash.Gallade was really powerful clashing agaist Piplup and togekiss at the same time at the end (with boost with glameow) None the Less Zoey deserved it (even though Dawn did really well to but that's how the cookie crumbles)One more thing,Fantina talking English = Appualling i knew she can but it was halarious when she babled English right after Ursula's Booster was sent out.
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