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    I ADORE the second movie. I'll give you all ONE GUESS as to why... XD XD XD

    You know you don't need to cosplay as a group, right? I mean, it is fun to do that, but you don't have to. And you can always plan a photoshoot on the convention forum and meet people there.

    I like the first and third movies too, but the second is just... THE BEST. XD XD XD

    At first, I loved the first movie, but when the second one came out, the first one kinda drowned in its shadow. Not just because I'm somewhat biased toward the second movie... It's just that the second movie's plot is far superior to the first. I did like the first one though.

    The third one... It's not released in English yet right? (I mean officially.) So I won't go into too much detail because I'm too lazy to put in spoiler tags. But the plot was also very well developed in my opinion. Just like the second movie. It's a great story. But again, the second movie will always be my absolute favorite, unless there is another movie about Shiro-chan, with Momo in it. XD XD XD