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    In the Serebii Bleach Club, every time a new chapter is posted (yes, it's out now on mangastream) I make a review. This is the review. I might make an update, because I like comparing translations (I do Mangastream and Onemanga. Anyone else have any other scanlations?)
    Overview: Good chapter, imo. I like that the plot is moving.

    "The dead returns to life" What's that supposed to mean? If it's a literal thing, then I'm wondering what Masaki will do...

    "Only those standing in the same place as him are capable of perceiving Aizen's powers" so Ichigo. I'm getting tired of the whole "Ichigo is the only one that can beat Aizen!" route we're going with.

    Why are they so surprised that Aizen is still alive?!

    "I understood that attack" wtf

    "End of the Chrysalis age" Aizen's going to be a PURTY BUTTERFLY!

    Based on Gin's depressing (for Ichigo)'s speech, and the "You understand Aizen's power" it looks like he IS going to beat Aizen... Damnit.

    Fecking Aizen, defeating the Urahara, Aizen and Yoruichi... DAMNIT WHY DON'T THEY GO BANKAI?!

    So it seems like Aizen still wants Ichigo...

    So Aizen just... grew his hair? Visually, that's it? Why is it that longer hair denotes stronger form? Grimmjow, Aizen, Ichigo, Ulquiorra.... And the Hougyoku is still INSIDE him, right?

    I just realised... He has Hollow eyes. Vaizard like powers, I'm guessing?

    "Eating you can be done later" Aizen has become Hollow-like, then.

    At least Isshin (and probably Urahara and maybe Yoruichi) is still going to fight with Ichigo.

    So I suppose now, it's a case of:
    What happened with Yammy (they're probably just going to show Yammy being defeated, and Byakuya and Kenpachi smacktalking.
    Unohana- what's up with her? What has she DONE all this time? Is she healing anybody, if so, at least SHOW us. What will she do now?
    Keigo, Muzuiro and Tatsuki. They were with Urahara beforehand, what about now? Are THEY going to be the one to beat Aizen? Or, and here's a branch off of another theory:
    Some people think that isshin is part of the "Royal Guard" or something like that, and was a proper protector of the Soul Society King. Maybe Keigo/Muzuiro/Tatsuki are like that, but they don't know it, or something?

    Kubo, you better not royally screw this up.
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