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This is for pokemon silverice, my hack of leafgreen.
You just moved to snowstorm town (your starting town)and your dad is going to register
you in the nearest school in route 80 (the first route). One of the professeurs (Prof. Oak)
lives in snowstorm town, too. But, fortunately, you don't have to go to school until tommorow.
So you're off for a pleasant stroll around route 80.
Before you can leave, though, your rival runs up to you and says that Prof. Oak wants
to see you in his house NOW!
So you go with your rival and Prof. Oak and he invites you to pick Oddish, Vulpix or Polywag. You pick one. Your rival (who admits that he too just moved here recently)
picks one too, and then you battle.
Now you go to route 80.
However someone (Team Thunder) set the school on fire, and everyone evacuated.
A teacher asks you to go to the pokemart at Silverspike city (The next city) to collect
Burn Heal for all the student's pokemon. Go do that and then Prof. Oak gives you a pokedex as a reward.

Then you're off to collect badges, beat the E4, etc.