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Okay... So... Manga.

I don't like this. Kubo is fucking up Aizen so much. This is too much already. I don't see how Aizen will be defeated, the way things are going on. If Ichigo is supposed to beat Aizen, pfffffft. He's (I assume) not even on par with his dad. If he got powered up all of a sudden.... I'm gonna ... err..... whatever.

But this is just too... much. x.x

Oh. Aizen grew a long hair.

Hmmmph. I thought when Gin told Ichigo to run, it was because Unohana was showing up. Meh.

And wasn't he just about to kill Ichigo? But then when Aizen asked, he said 'testing his strength'.

I just hope that the Royal Guards, whoever they are, will prove to be much more of a challenge to Aizen.

I don't think Aizen turned into a Hollow... idk, because didn't he once say that 'Do you think I would turn myself into a Hollow?' Well, that, unless Kubo trolls forgets.