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    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    Then you shouldn't have posted a thread. Unless you've at least vaguely started, it's pointless. If you need a team, post in the recruitment thread. Otherwise, start learning some skills.
    Originally Posted by NikNaks
    Same applies. With no screenshots, and sparse info, you're not exactly screaming "this game rules" to potential people who might join. You have to do some legwork yourself first. Equally, posting a thread when you have what seems to be a one-line idea, it's pretty poor, to be brutally honest.
    Why can't he post a topic here? I believe the drawing board is for early projects and ideas. Isn't this an idea? He isn't breaking any rules. The rules state if its an idea thread you do not need screenshots or a story.

    Anyways, back on topic.

    @tvoza2 - Good idea, hopefully we can see you progress on this.