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Wooh finally read the chapter C:. Here's my thoughts...

This chapter was pretty decent. Not as action packed as I hope but still good nonetheless.

Aizen is so evil Dx. How can you turn your back to the hero then tell your subordinate to open the "senki gate" so he can invade the hometown the hero is trying to protect. That's just so evil to me. It also seems Gin isn't really all that faithful to Aizen as I thought and he seems pretty intimidated by Aizen so he follows his commands. I don't blame him especially how powerful Aizen has become.

What is with Aizen wanting to quote eat unquote Ichigo. Gosh, I know Ichigo translates to Strawberry but gosh that's sickening. I don't know if that's in a literal sense but looking at how skinny and malnurished Aizen is I wouldn't be surprised if he really doesn't eat Ichigo...I mean Strawberry for real xD. Now Aizen has long hair...first his hair was pretty geeky with his glasses in the Soul Society Arc, then he slicked it back, and now his hair has grown out...don't know what to say.

It seems like Kubo-sensei is trying to prolong this Aizen fight because after Aizen is defeated that basically the end of Bleach. I just hope Aizen get what's coming to him. I wonder how this is going to turn out though. Isshin, Ichigo, and maybe Orihime, Uryuu, and Chad against Aizen to protect there hometown. Maybe Tatsuki and the others minor characters will get into the mix. Exciting :D

Yep that's my thoughts and reveiw of this chapter :3.

If you read this, don't hate me Sosuke xD and also bringing up Ichigo means Strawberry made me realize Ichigo's head shape and the pattern of his hair reminds me of a strawberry xD. Am I the only one that thinks so :]?
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